From our offices located in Durango Colorado, we are able to help our business clients build their business with creative financing solutions. 

Our experenice goes back to 1993. 

Whether our clients need Commercial Real Estate loans, Acquisition Financing, Debt Restructuring, or New Equipment, we will be your go to lender with financing solutions to meet all of our clients unique financing needs. 

Durango Commercial Group, has developed tried and true methods of financing the needs of the vast majority of commercial businesses. 

Many times when the banks say "NO" we say "YES"!!

We have software programs available to quickly qualify you for that commercial loan many times within the hour.

Financing a business operation that normally would not qualify for Bank loans because they do not have perfect credit or are fairly new in business often will qualify through our specialist lenders.

Sometimes a company needing financing, is strong in credit, own equipment have assets but do not have their cash flow statements in the exact liking of an underwriter. 

Therefore they can be denied the financing needed to grow their business. There is always a need for financing but sometimes one type of financing may be more or less popular than another. 

Our services will differ from our competitors in that Durango Commercial Group offers creative, innovative, and effective solutions to business problems. 

Banks too many times try to develop standard models to solve key business problems all the same but different businesses have unique situations. 

Banks are thought to control the commercial market. Nothing could be farther from the truth. 

Out of one hundred companies, 

  • Fifteen will get financed thru the orgination of a Bank. 
  • Twenty will have no chance of getting financed because of credit issues management, cash flow, and sometimes just for no reason
  • Sixty-Five of the remaining companies need financing. 
These are acutal facts not fiction as you might have been told by the big financing giants.

Good people good business owners that just don't fit into the financing mold of the original Banking senario. 

These Sixty-Five commercial business owners  Durango Commercial Group can help, and we do!!

YOU, are the business owners we will consult with until you are ready to make a financing decision. That's where we are different. 

Education is a big factor, if we can educate you the business owner to be profitable, build a business plan, direct you the business owner where to seek the solution to your problem and get funding in place then we have done our job. 

Your particular business may not be currently in the market for additional financing, but when you are in the market you will seek out: 

DURANGO COMMERCIAL GROUP............................................

              Advice Financing Property, Funding Options For Your Business

Durango Commercial Group provides you, the small business owner  exciting new ideas to make your business Successful and Profitable 

View your profit possiblitys utilizing our financing solutions. 

Financing programs available... 

  • Small Business (SBA)
  • Property both raw land (Agricultural and Unimproved) 
  • Established Buildings Property
  • Church Financing the Banks can't touch
  • Equipment Leasing
  • Medical Financing
  • Business Acquisition Financing
  • Debt Restructuring
  • Accounts Receivable and Factoring
  • Commercial Properties
Credit problems can be solved we have been helping clients since 1993 to find suitable lenders to handle any credit situation to become a more creditable borrower

Durango Commercial Credit is accessible and willing to work with you the borrower returning your request for information within twenty four hours of your contact with us

We have secure servers so your financial information is never at risk
all information is securely encrypted.

Credit Reports are secured under this encryption as locked in a vault.

Contact us today to find out how we can help your business and your funding needs.

                     For sixteen years we have continued to live by the statement,


                            "PROMISE LESS, DELIVER MORE" 

                                                    durango commercial group



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Thank You.
We wish you all, successs and profit in........ "2010"